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automatic logins
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The safest, easiest password manager in the world.

The safest, easiest password manager in the world.

The best way to protect your money
and identity online

Automatic Login

One click logs you in securely

Fast Connect remembers your login information so you don't have to. No need to remember passwords or type in logins over and over. Also no worries someone will steal your information.


Your own private entrance to your financial accounts

The safest way to log in and use your bank, brokerage or other financial accounts. A hardened browser not vulnerable to the security breaches suffered by other browsers.

Source: TechJaw.com — this is a real fake site.
IP Monitoring

Don't worry; we'll let you know it's fake

Yes, hard to believe. It looks really real, but it will send your login information (and your bank information) directly to a criminal syndicate in Russia. We monitor over 9,000 sites to make sure you avoid these fake sites and keep your money safe.

Bank Trojans – Fast Connect ensures that users log into a legitimate website, establish an SSL connection with the website and are protected from browser-based threats by Fast Connect SecureView, a hardened browser.
Phishing – Fast Connect checks each time users submit stored credentials to a website. If the website is not on the whitelist, a warning is displayed which asks the user to confirm that the website is safe before proceeding.
Pharming – Fast Connect uses a whitelist of over 9,000 financial sites that is continuously validated and updated to ensure that users are taken to legitimate, verified websites and that an SSL connection is established. This prevents users from falling prey to DNS poisoning or malware that covertly redirects the user to a fraudulent website.
Dictionary attacks – The Fast Connect remote authentication service prevents dictionary attacks because it shuts down after four unsuccessful attempts to log into Fast Connect.
Browser-based attacks – Fast Connect SecureView, a hardened browser, locks itself down to protect consumers against malicious browser plug-ins and add ons. SecureView is a single-session browser used only for logging into financial sites.
Multiple Threat Protection

Think of us as a protective shield from online threats

Fast Connect's multi-level protection works together to keep your money and identity the safest it can be. To learn more about how Fast Connect protects you, click here.

Enterprise-level Encryption

Your private information never leaves your device

No vulnerable cloud storage on corporate servers for your critical data. All your information is secured on your device with strong 2048 bit key encryption. Additionally your data is only accessible through strong, two-factor authentication, meaning it is safe even if your device is lost or stolen.

Revolutionary Cart Autofill

Finally, an easy way to buy on your phone

Fill in any online shopping cart in just seconds with a few taps on your mobile device using our FastPay feature. No more eye or finger strain tapping in credit card information, addresses and other fields. Works with your existing credit, debit or even gift cards. Finally, an easier way to buy on your phone.

Users Love it!


by DizMem

I like the security this offers! It's easy to use!


by A.V. Wenger

Great App! Very useful app. I use it for every site I have a user account with. It eliminates me having to remember internet addresses and passwords.


by Joemacio

It makes me feel extremely secure... I won't visit financial sites without going through this application.

The Best

by CEBeats

Have used for 7 years on laptop... I feel very secure using this app

Love it!

by OllyMe

I don't use separate bank apps any more. All my accounts from a single app.

So Happy

by jt8466

I entered my first account and figured out with 1 click I get immediate access to my online accounts, even my bank and credit card accounts. I learned how to store my credit card data for easy auto fill when I'm purchasing something online. Wow! That feature alone makes it a godsend.

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