Introducing WhiteSky ConnectTM

  • Proven mobile monetization
  • A valuable service customers use daily
  • Customized for your brand

The Dynamic Content Engine

Lets you deliver:

  • Personalized offers, services and advertising
  • Directly to your customer's device

To drive revenue and increase customer retention.

An Application Customers Use Daily to:

Users Love it!


by DizMem

I like the security this offers! It's easy to use!


by A.V. Wenger

Great App! Very useful app. I use it for every site I have a user account with. It eliminates me having to remember internet addresses and passwords.


by Joemacio

It makes me feel extremely secure... I won't visit financial sites without going through this application.

The Best

by CEBeats

Have used for 7 years on laptop... I feel very secure using this app

Love it!

by OllyMe

I don't use separate bank apps any more. All my accounts from a single app.

So Happy

by jt8466

I entered my first account and figured out with 1 click I get immediate access to my online accounts, even my bank and credit card accounts. I learned how to store my credit card data for easy auto fill when I'm purchasing something online. Wow! That feature alone makes it a godsend.

WhiteSky Connect

Proven Mobile Monetization