Proven Success

Millions of Users
37% click on offers within 72 hours
21% conversion
Over 200 impressions per customer annually
5+ transactions per customer per month

One-Tap Secure, Automatic Logins

  • With a tap, your customers can log in to their banking, shopping, email, social and other accounts.
  • No more remembering or typing passwords.
  • Sync all information across all devices.
  • All personal data is stored with 2048 encryption key and never leaves the device.

FastPay Credit Card Autofill

Patent-pending revolutionary online payment. Fill in any online shopping cart in just seconds with a few taps on your mobile device.

  • All credit card information is encrypted and stored on the device - no one else has access.
  • No more manually entering credit card numbers, expire dates, security codes, billing, shipping and other information.
  • No need to install multiple apps.
  • Works with existing credit cards and every website.

Multi-Layered Security

State-of-the-art consumer security for all devices.

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